Monday, June 25, 2007

Week of 18 June

The week before last was slack week...only 17 miles...actually my right heel was bothering me and I tried to take it easy to see if the tenderness would go away. This week it's back to heel is still bothering me to a lesser degree and best of all it's not getting any worse. In addition to the swimming, I started riding the Lifecycle after running at the gym. We'll see how that goes.

Results of this week are:

Monday: Ran 8.2 miles intervals in one hour, 10 minutes on the stair climber then swam 365 meters after.

Tuesday: 40 minutes of strength and weights then swam 1268 meters after.

Wednesday: Ran 7.4 miles hills in one hour, five minutes on the stair climber then 5 miles on the Lifecycle at level 6 in 18 minutes then swam 512 meters.

Thursday: 40 minutes of strength and weights then swam 853 meters.

Friday: Ran 8.25 miles intervals in one hour, 10 minutes on the stair climber then swam 340 meters.

Saturday: Swam 485 meters after mowing the lawn.

Sunday: Ran 16.47 miles in two hours. First hour ran at 8-8.2 mph pace, second hour at 8.2-8.4 pace, five minutes on the stair climber, then one mile on the Lifecycle...would have done more but calves started cramping after half a mile.

Run: 40.32 miles
Swim: 3828 meters
Cycle: 6 miles


Nat said...

Wow, so you are gym rat too? Was that 16 miles on the treadmill?? You and Bruce are crazy.

teacherwoman said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... your comment on 100 THINGS ABOUT ME reminded me that I need to make some changes to it... since it was over a year ago...

I don't know if I will be making it for the VA Beach Race..... I posted that when I thought I was going to be teaching in NC... we'll see!

Charlie said...

Hey Ms Natalie,
Yup...I spend a lot of time in the gym or the pool these's getting very hot and humid. I did run outside all the days the week before when it was really nice. But the treadmill is kinder to my legs and knees...and...once you get to doing 6 or more miles its no worse than running long distance just get into a rhythm and best for me it keeps me on pace...not boring when there are soo many buttons to push! :o)

Hey Ms TeacherWoman, Thank you for stopping by too! I've seen you on Nat's blog and over on Wes' blog and got around to visiting your blog.