Friday, December 26, 2008

T'was the Day After Christmas and...

I'm finally updating my blog. Haven't been too inspired or motivated to add anything here so it's been quite a while...almost three months.'m motivated again so a short note!

I went to see the ortho doctor this last Monday and after a thorough examination and more x-rays, he told me I could start running again. Oh Yeah! At my last physical therapy evaluation, a week earlier, they had given me a training plan to slowly incorporate running into my regular PT sessions...but...I was to wait until the official OK from my doctor...and now I have it. An early Christmas present!

I was still a little apprehensive about starting running since I hadn't expected to get the clearance to run until the end of January. I was still getting some uncomfortable sensations in my lower leg during some of my PT sessions and although I could walk up the stairs, It was still difficult going down the stairs. But, according to the doctor, everything was healed up and I could start right away, with the realization that I needed to take it really easy.

Now I didn't rush home, change into my workout gear and go for a run. I had worked out quite hard on the elliptical, stationary bike and leg weight workout the day before and decided to be sensible and give my body a rest day first. But Tuesday, I was at the gym ready to try this running thing. My training plan called for a 10 minute walking warm up, then alternating one minute runs with one minute walks for 10 cycles and finishing with a 10 minute cool down walk. I deviated from the plan by warming up 12 minutes on the elliptical and then five minutes walking on the treadmill at 4 mph. Then it was time for the first run...Any sign of pain or discomfort I was going to stop. I set the treadmill for 6 mph and started running...I almost anticipated some type of discomfort during the run, pain...a little tightness but no discomfort either. One minute was up in no time and I started my walk at 4 mph and continued my walk/run for 5 cycles when my leg did start feeling real pain but it was aching, so I decided to stop and did my 5 minutes of walking cool down. Then to the stationary bike for another 12 minutes and everything started feeling fine.

I planned to run Christmas day but too many things were going on so that didn't happen. So, after two days of rest I went back today and did the whole 10 cycles of walk/run with no problems what so ever. Also got in 22 minutes on the elliptical, 3 miles on the stationary bike and my PT prescribed leg workouts. Everything felt fine afterwards...a little tight in places...but fine!

So, the goal right now is to follow the PT training plan, which will take about a month to get to the point where I will be running for 30 straight minutes.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Now have a great New Year!