Sunday, June 3, 2007

Week of 28 May

My workout for this week. Training for nothing special...just trying to keep my core running up and trying to increase my speed.

Monday: 9 miles in 1:05:00. 0.6 warmup, then 9 mph pace for 6 mi, then 8 mph pace for 3 miles and 0.4 cooldown. Swam 18 laps (200 meters) after the run.

Tuesday: 40 minutes strength and weights then swam 25 laps (300 meters)

Wednesday: 9.4 miles in 1:05:00. 0.2 warmup, 9 mph pace for 30 min then 9.2 mph pace for 25 min, then 9.5-9.8-10-10.2-10.4-9.5-9 mph...each one minute then 0.8 cooldown. Swam 22 laps (260 meters) after run.

Thursday: Strength and weight x 40 min. Then swam 42 laps (512 meters).

Friday: 6.65 miles in 50:10, intervals x 3. Swam 24 laps (290 meters) after run.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 16.4 miles in 2:05:00 0.2 warmup, 8.0-8.4 mph x 2 hours then 0.8 cooldown. Swam 26 laps (315 meters) after run.

Total miles running: 41.45
Swim total: 139 laps for 1690 meters


Nat said...

hi Mr. Charlie! Good week and great job on the 10k btw. You are so fast and I am so jealous. I am sooo slow these days in this heat. It is summer, things are suppose to be slower, right? At aleast that is what I keep telling myself.

I see you are swimming. Do you bike too? The bike is kicking my tail.

Charlie said...

Hi there Ms Natalie!

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation in SC! Welcome Back!

I like to swim especially after my runs...but anytime it's warm, it's nice to jump in the pool...I just love the water.

Bike...well...I have two bikes. A mountain bike and an old 10 speed racing bike...but don't you try to convince me into training for a TRI...No way...I want to concentrate and meet some goals in my running first...although using swimming and biking as cross training is all good too! ;o)

You'll get the hang of the's really not that difficult...just get use to running through the gears...carefully! ;o)...And be careful of the traffic out there...most people in cars and trucks are nice and considerate...but it just takes that one jacka** to mess things up.

But I think you're doing great!