Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Month Gone

Here it is the end of September and fall has arrived. I should be in my final weeks of training for the fall marathons but here I still sit, still broken. Here is a quick update since my last race and post.

Since breaking my right leg on 09 August at the Mud Run, I was in a long cast for a little over 3 weeks trying to see/decide if the cast alone would be enough to keep the break aligned or if surgery would be needed. At the three week doctor's visit the x-rays did not look good and it appeared the fracture site was shifting and it was decided that a rod would be placed in the tibia to keep the fracture site aligned and help it heal faster.

Surgery was performed the next day with a titanium "nail" being place the length of the tibia with six screws to hold everything in place. An incision was made just above the knee for access to the top of the tibia and another incision at the fracture site to help align the two jagged bones. Each of the screws also got their own incisions. I remember being in extreme pain five hours later in the recover room but with drugs and time things calmed down a bit and I was released the next day minus the long cast but in a plastic foam lined boot. I could finally bend my knee but it was sore from the surgery as well as being stiff from being immobilized for three weeks in the cast. I was able to shower for the first time since this happened and what a joy that was...I had been giving myself a wash cloth bath for four weeks...so this was like being in heaven.

Went back for a check up last week...three weeks post-op...for suture removal and x-ray. X-rays showed everything in it's place and all the incisions healing well. Was sent home with instructions to full weight bearing and walking as tolerated with encouragement to use the stationary bike and elliptical with no resistance in a week. Also got a consult to go to physical therapy to help my knee and ankle stiffness from the long time in the cast and splint, but no running or anything that puts undue stress on the leg for another 8-12 weeks.

I am now hobbling around sometimes with one crutch, sometimes with none, but the stiffness in the knee and ankle keeps me from walking normal. Also my ankle and lower leg swells up quite a bit after trying to walk around but goes down some when I sit down and elevate my leg. Hopefully with the start of mild exercise and the PT, I'll be walking normal before too long.

I plan on going to the gym tomorrow for my first cycle/elliptical session...we'll see how that goes.

Everyone have a great week.