Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We Build People 5K 4 July 2007

I finally had an opportunity to run another5K race. It was put on by the Virginia Beach YMCA called We Build People 5K ...An opportunity to finally see if I could break the 20 minute mark for a 5K. My first and last 5K was last Decemeber with a time of 21:02. I figured I needed a pace of 6:15-6:20.

The race is at a place called Mount's actually a trash dump that has been covered over and now is a Virginia Beach. The weather was very nice for this time of year...about 70F at race time with a little breeze. The course was laid out around Mount Trashmore and the adjoining street. A kind of down the road, around a small loop, down the road some more, then a loop around the mount and then down the road again, double back down the road, crossing the start/finish line but continuing on for about a quarter mile before doubling back again to the finish line. So, lots of opportunities to see people behind you on the double backs...also good opportunity to see whose ahead of you.

I did my normal race day wake up routine, getting up early, eating breakfast and relaxing before heading to the race. The race starts at 7:30 and I got there about an hour early. I had pre-registered the day before but still needed to pick up the timing chip. After picking up the chip I walked out to the "Mount" for a warm-up and did some hill work. I sprinted up the face of Mount Trashmore, ran along the crest at the top and jogged down the other side. Then I turned around and sprinted back up the hill, ran the crest and jogged down again and then headed for the start line.

The race started pretty much on time...well, maybe a couple of minutes late, but no big deal. I was a row of runners back from the start line and had a lousy start when the starting horn blew. There were a bunch of kids and slower runners that sprinted ahead of me that I had to weave around but after about 200 meters, it was pretty much clear running and I settled into a fast pace and started running down slower runners. The first mile marker was near the back of the Mount Trashmore loop and came in at 6:13. I was feeling really good...the pace being not too fast, feeling just about right and I was still picking off a few runners. The second mile marker was after the turn around on the main road and it came in at 12:29...still doing great, feeling great, on time and still picking up a runner or two. Heading to the third mile, we cross the start finish line and head out to our final out and back. Mile three is after the turn around and comes in at 18:52...lost some time but still well within range of that under 20 minute mark...just a tenth to go. Before the mile three marker a guy I had passed passes me and I know it's time to kick it in gear. We sprint to the finish...and I beat him across the finish by a couple of seconds as the clock reads 19:28. It twas an awesome feeling!...but I forget to stop my watch or even set the lap.

We get our chips removed and head to the water and food tables...bananas, apples, bagels and watermelon...yummy...but glancing at my watch I see that I forgot to stop my watch or even set the lap at the finish... it's now showing over 20 minutes. A little later the first race results are posted and I am really surprised to find the time 19:58 next to my name...more than 30 seconds slower than what the finish clock showed when I crossed the finish line...or was I seeing things and not get the right time? It was puzzling but it still was under 20 minutes and I did place 22nd overall and first in my age group.

At the awards ceremony they anounced the official time which ended up there must have been some type of glitch in the initial results. Oh Happy Days!

Race stats:

There were 26 finishers in the Male 50 to 54 age group and 415 total finishers.
Overall finish place was 22
Age group finish place was 1
Time: 19:26.80 for an overall pace of 6:16 per mile

Another goal accomplished...on to the next!

Hope everyone had a very happy 4th of July!


cymrusteve said...

Congratulations on a great race and fantastic finish time - you must be really happy!!

Looking forward to returning to Virginia Beach late tomorrow and getting used to the warmer temperatures again. The Derby Day 5k is not too far away and I'll need to be ready!

Congrats once again,


Nat said...

Wow Charlie! That is so great! You are such the sprinter. I think I am capapble of under 20 but I need to get my mind around that. I still think of myself as an 8 min miler. Any, I'm totally impressed.

Charlie said...

Thanks Steve and Nat! It was actually a fun race. Everything seemed to fall into was a short race.