Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week of 04 June

No races this weekend or anything really exciting or even not so exciting in my running world. Actually kind of took it easy this week on running but did do a bit more swimming.

My workout for this week:

Monday: Complete rest from Sunday's 16 miler.

Tuesday: 7.6 miles in one hour. 0.5 warmup, then 9 mph pace for 2 miles then three sets of speed intervals and then 0.5 cooldown. Swam 30 laps for 365 meters after the run.

Wednesday: 40 minutes of weight and strength workout. Then swam 82 laps for 1000 meters.

Thursday: 10 miles in 1:12. 0.2 warmup then 8.2 mph for 1 hour and finished with 10 minutes of speed intervals and 0.3 cooldown. Swam 32 laps for 390 meters after the run.

Friday: Swam 100 laps for 1220 meters

Saturday: My famous yardwork cross training...mowing...weedwhacking...edging...really-it builds up the sweat! Then swam 10 laps for 120 meters...would have done more but was interrupted.

Sunday: 5 miles in 36 minutes after 0.25 warmup, then swam 40 laps for 485 meters.

Weeks totals:
Running: 22.6 miles
Swimming: 294 laps for 3585 meters

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