Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week 4 Key Run #3

Saturday: 40 minutes of abs and weights, then did 10 laps in the pool after mowing the lawn. Tried to rest for Sunday's 20 mile run but it was hot and humid while mowing the lawn and I felt really drained after mowing but refreshed after the swim.

Sunday: Key run #3 calls for 20 miles at PMP (7:20) + 45-60 which comes out to a 8:05-8:20 per mile pace. I was debating whether I wanted to run it at a faster pace since most of my paces for long runs in the past have been in the 7:-7:30 pace but again I decided that I need to follow the plan as closely as possible and see how it comes out for this first of five 20 milers. I didn't do any other cardio this time prior to the run but started by fast walking for the first minute then set the TM to 7.5 mph which comes to 8:00 minutes per mile...yeah 5 seconds faster then what it calls for actual PMP is 7:15-7:17 so it fits! First hour went by and I felt the urge to go faster but I stayed at the prescribed pace. I took a vanilla flavored Powergel after the first hour and some water. I also used Gatorade about every 30 minutes. After the second hour (15 miles down) I took a chocolate GU and some water. I was still feeling good with no problems with the pace...I still wanted to go faster. At the 18-mile mark I succumbed and pushed the speed up to 8 mph and at the 19-mile mark pushed the speed up to 8.5 mph. I finished the 20 miles in 2:38:30 but I ran it out to 2:40:00, which came to 20.25 miles. I really felt I could continue on for the last 10K but stopped. After the run I did 10 minutes on the Stairclimber at Random, Level 12 for 52 floors. I find the Stairclimber is good for stretching out my legs especially the calves. Usually after my long runs I treat myself to something special...a Big Mac with fries and a Coke...I figure it's a good way to get protein and carbs into my on my way home I had my treat! Got home and also had some really good raspberry cheesecake with a large glass of milk and then did almost 500 meters in the pool.

My first week of the Furman program is under my belt. I found the speed intervals was my hardest day and the other two days were fairly easy. Let's see what next week brings.

Total Running miles this week: 35.05


Nat said...

I was reading your report and the whole time I imagining you running outside and was admiring you for doing so well in the heat. And was like how is that even possible. LOL. Treadmill. Even still--Awesome. Sounds like you are off to a very good start in your training. I guess I better get to thinking about what I want to do. Kids go back to school next. Time to get serious again. Well, as serious as I ever am. You know what I mean.
Keeping running.

Charlie said...

Hi Natalie, was on the treadmill! LOL! I don't see how everyone does it...running long runs in this heat and was 102F here today with a heat index of 117F! I rather get the full benefits of concentrating on the training and not worrying about dropping out with heat exhaustion or stroke...not me! It's always a constant 69-70F in the gym...I still sweat a lot but I can hydrate easily. I do run outside a week before a race and seem to do fine.

You do do some serious training...don't short change yourself!