Thursday, August 16, 2007

How did this happen! appears I may have injured my left leg during the ASYMCA Mud Run 8K on Saturday. I can’t figure out where the injury occurred but it was probably at one of the many obstacles during the run. My left lower leg was hurting after getting home and after the nap. Also had problems walking down the stairs but once it was warmed up/stretched, walking on it was only a bit of uncomfortable. I gave it plenty of rest on Sunday and delayed my Week 5 Key workout #3, which is an 18 mile run, till Monday.

Monday: I stretched real well and warmed up slowly by briskly walking for about five minutes and then started my run. The run calls for a long run of 18 miles at PMP + 45-60 seconds per mile. I started the TM at 7 mph for the first mile and then increased to 7.5 mph. The first three miles were quite painful…pain that I hadn't felt since my big bout of shin splints back in January, but I was determined to finish the 18 miles so I slowed the pace back down to 7 mph. After about five miles the pain was a dull ache and I completed the 18 miles, kicking it in the last three miles and finishing in 2:24 and change. I finished with 10 minutes on the stairstepper for 52 floors to help stretch out the calves and went home and swam in the pool for about 30 minutes.

Tuesday: My left calf was hurting pretty good when I got up. During the day it hurt a lot to walk after sitting for a spell but once I was walking a bit, the pain would ease up a bit. I did my 40 minutes of abs and weight workout and then decided to go ahead and do my cross training. Started with 30 minutes on the elliptical set at Random, Level 10 good for 3.4 miles. Then 45 minutes on the lifecycle set at Random, Level 10 good for 12 miles. Finished with 10 minutes on the stairstepper good for 52 floors. Went home and swam 24 laps.

Wednesday: Calf was still quite painful so decided to skip my Week 6 Key Workout #1 which is a speed interval workout. There was no way I was going to be able to complete even one set and didn't want to cause further injury...I want to give my calf a chance to heal so instead I did cross training again. 60 minutes on the elliptical set at Random, Level 12 good for 7 miles. Then 60 minutes on the lifecycle set at Random, Level 12 good for 17.4 miles. Finished with 10 minutes on the stairstepper set at Random, Level 12 good for 53 floors.

Today my left calf is still hurting so I will stick to cross training until the pain goes away...I don't know how long that will be but I know I need to let it heal before it gets worse…hopefully not more than a week.

Here are some pictures from the ASYMCA Mud Run:

The Stampede start on the beach...boxed in by some big dudes...makes you want to hum the tune from "Chariots of Fire"...Can you find Waldo?...I'm the grey haired guy:

The Water crossing:
Water Crossing

The Hay bales...some went, not pictures of me playing in the hay.
Hay Bales

Up and over one of the many berms:

Through the muddy waters:

Finally...the Finish:


Nat said...

Charlie! You look like you are having an absolute blast. Great pics.

Sorry about the calf. I bet it is calf strain from the sand and uneven terrain. You know rest is the best prescription but some mortin and lots of ice and massage will probably speed the healing along just fine too.
Good for you for sticking it out and getting your long run in.

I am going to try and do a longish run tommorrow--I am shooting for 14 miles but am eyeing 17 too. Just depends on how hot it gets and how well I am dealing with it. I am not even thinking about time-- just trying to get the miles and endurance in. It will probably be about 95 degrees when I finish up.Ugh.

cymrusteve said...

Great photos Charlie. Sorry to hear about the calf. My legs haven't been right since the Mud Run either. Sunday was fine, but this week it feels like they're still out on the sand somewhere. Tonights 5 mile tempo run was horrible - I suffered quite a lot and couldn't last the 5 miles. Ended up jogging for a couple of miles to finish off the workout.

Take care of that calf!


Charlie said...


My leg seems to be doing much better now...we'll see how it takes the training.


cymrusteve said...

Hi Charlie,

How's the leg? Hope you're doing better now....

Hope to bump into you at Rock 'n' Roll sometime. If you're running - have a great race!!


Charlie said...

Hey Steve,

The leg is still bothering me but I can't give it the proper time off to heal and need to train. I did a little over 15 miles last Sunday of a planned 18 and it felt pretty bad the day after. After the RnR maybe I will give it a couple of weeks off to hopefully get it back to normal...we'll see how it feels after the race.

Have a great race too!