Tuesday, July 29, 2008

End of Rehab...What's Next?

It's been almost a month since my last blog entry and decided I needed to get one in for the month of July. :) I wish I was more consistent in my blogging but it's been pretty discouraging the last couple of months and I didn't want to moan and groan.

I finally ended my rehab of my right shin after six long weeks of no running. I'm not happy with how it still feels but...I can't/won't wait any longer for it to feel better because I need to start my training for the races this fall. The nearest race I'm registered for is 9 August which is the ASYMCA 8K Mud Run, then the Rock n Roll Half Marathon the end of the month and then the real fun starts with the Marine Corps Marathon, NYC Marathon and Richmond Marathon from the end of October till mid-November...so I can't wait anymore. I am thinking of dropping one of the marathons (MCM since they have a deferment/transfer policy) and adding a third marathon in December to give myself more time to recover between the races.

I started some fast walking on the treadmill about two weeks ago and didn't like how the leg was still tender and made me walk with a limp...What the heck is going on? It could be that even without running on it, I was still doing some heavy cross training and not really giving it the rest that it needed, but six weeks of no pounding should have felt a whole lot better than it did. I started running on it a week ago Sunday with a two mile run sandwiched between some walking warm ups/cool downs. It felt pretty good while running but when I stopped to do the walking cool down, it was painful enough to make me limp... Not good I thought. I stretched, took some Motrin and iced it down good when I got home and it felt pretty good again the next day. I ran four miles on Wednesday and the same discomfort when I did my walking cool down...perplexing and really starting to feel discouraged about the whole thing. Again stretched, took Motrin and iced it real good after the run and it felt good the next day. Ran four miles again on Friday and this time less discomfort and I could actually walk fairly normal afterward...beginning to feel better about running now. This last Sunday I did a five mile ladder, starting at 7 mph and increasing 0.5 mph every mile until I was running 9 mph the fifth mile then jumped it up 0.5 mph every minute the next two minutes for a finishing kick. It felt good to let it out at the end and the cool down walk at the end felt almost normal...no pain...I could walk normally...the tenderness was still there but it didn't seem as bad...maybe it was the endorphins kicking in, but what ever it was I hope it keeps improving.

Even with the no running I was still able to keep my Kindzia challenge streak alive and have exercised at least 30 minutes everyday since the beginning of the year...which was officially at 209 days Sunday...actually I started the day after Christmas which comes unofficially to 215 days.

Happy running everyone!


Daniel said...

Hi Charlie

hope your body recovers so that you can properly prepare for your fall goals.

However, I was surprised to read that you want to run three marathon in the remaining months of this year. Reading your running goals 2008 I'm wondering what kind of a goal is that to "run at least 4 Marathons"!?

I confess that I will be running two Marathons in this fall as well. I find this crazy because I know that my body want recover fully in between. However, I will run the second marathon only as a training run (and will only do so, because I'm heading for a streak of this particular event).

For me, your goals don't make much sense. How can you have a goal to improve all your PB and still want to run 4 Marathons. I think this is not realistic.

Anyway, hope you can start your training soon but please keep in mind your last goal "stay healthy"! ;-)

Charlie said...

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your visit and comments!

You are probably right! I did complete four marathons last year and have already completed three marathons the beginning of this year from March to May including four half marathons and numerous other races with personal bests in most of them...so I don't feel my goals are unrealistic...at least for me, and it challenges me. My injury probably happened because of too many races with minimal rest in between and I hope to do better in the fall races by spacing them out better.

Good luck on your training and your two marathons this year.

Steph Bachman said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better Charlie. I was worrying about your poor leg. Have to agree that some more recovery might be a good (and fast) thing so your body can heal back even stronger for your next race. : )

Charlie said...

Thanks Ms Stephanie! :-)

Well...I raced on it last night and it let me know it wasn't happy about it...but...I think it's going to be all right if I don't stress it too much too soon.

Have a great week,

cymrusteve said...

Hey Charlie,

Great to see you at the race last night. I know the injury is still frustrating for you, but I'm sure you've got everything under control and will be ready for the fall races.

I'll be at the Mud Run (going to sign up tomorrow) and hope to see you there.

I noticed several "fast guys" showed up in your age group last night - the Memorial 5k usually brings out the best runners in the area.

Enjoy the rest of the week and recover well!


Charlie said...

Thanks Steve!

It was great seeing you too and being able to race.

I was surprised at so many quality age groups in my AG there. I just wished I had been better prepared to race with some of them....Next Time! ;)

I'm already signed up for the Mud Run, So I'll see you there!

Have a good one,

Jen said...

Great streak Charlie! I am glad to read your pain is getting better and better. :)


Charlie said...

Thanks Ms Jen!

I'm just happy to be running again!