Monday, June 9, 2008

DNS and Week of 02-08 June 2008

I registered for the Strider's Women's Distance Festival 5K held Saturday, back in early May. It is also a Strider's Grand Prix event so I wanted to make sure that I ran since it was one of my goals to run all the Grand Prix events. I already missed one in April and really didn't want to miss another one. But...I have been having some issues with my foot and legs for about a month and I was a bit concerned. I only ran once for a little over three miles two weeks ago but was able to run 5.25 miles Tuesday and again Thursday of this week in preparation for this race. After each run training session, my calves and shins were painful during the run and even worse in the morning after. Also noticed lingering arch tenderness to both feet. I thought my new shoes were the culprits but running in my old shoes on Thursday didn't seem to help any. I still had hopes that come Saturday evening, I would be ready to run the 5K race.

Saturday dawned hot and it only got hotter as the day progressed. The forecast was for near 100F afternoon temps. The race is run at Fort Story in the northern part of Virginia Beach so the temps should be lower with a nice ocean breeze. The women race first at 6:00 p.m. and then the men race after the women are finished at 6:45. Since this was my first race not run in the morning, it was hard to figure out when/what I should eat before the race. I decided to eat my normal lunch around 2:00 and to hydrate really well during the day. I also took two Motrin to ease my leg pain.

I drove down a bit late and with the somewhat heavy beach traffic, I got to the registration late and could hear the horn blow for the start of the women's race as I picked up my race number. As I was handed my bib they mentioned that because of the heat the race was being scaled back to a 2 mile run instead of 5K...which seemed reasonable but what difference would 1.1 mile make? I had wanted to watch the women start and finish but decide to do a couple of miles to warm up. I figured I needed at least two miles for my legs to be warmed up enough so the pain would be bearable during the race but by the end of mile one, the pain seemed to be getting worse and not any better. I jogged the mile back to the start area and the leg pain was too much and I decided not to run...even if it was just two miles. I could easily jog it but decided just not risk my going out fast and injuring it even more. So I unpinned my race bib and walk to the start/finish area to cheer on the racers. It was the first time that I have actually watched a race with out racing in it. It's quite a different perspective standing on the sidelines cheering runners on...kind of cool to see the racers go out and come back, but jealous that I could not be out there racing them. My first DNS (Did Not Start) least it wasn't my first DNF...I hope there never will be a DNF but anything can happen out there on the racecourse.

Here's last week's training:
Mon: 50 min Elliptical, 50 min Cycle, 12 min Stairstepper
Tue: 5.25 miles run, 25 min Elliptical, 12 min Stairstepper
Wed: 31 min Elliptical, 31 min Cycle, 12 min Stairstepper
Thu: 5.25 miles run, 25 min Stairstepper
Fri: 35 min Elliptical, 31 min Cycle, 15 min Stairstepper
Sat: 2 miles warm-up miles run, 30 min Swim
Sun: 35 min Elliptical, 35 min Cycle, 30 min Stairstepper

Even the Stairstepper seems to aggravate my calves and shins. My plan now is to stop running till the pain and tenderness is most about 5-6 weeks...but continuing with the cross training on the Elliptical, Cycle and Swimming with some fast walking as tolerated on the Treadmill. I have plenty of time to heal before I start ramping up training for the fall and winter marathons starting middle or end of July. I'll just need to take this a week at a time till all is better again.

Happy training to you all!


cymrusteve said...

Hi Charlie,

I know it must have been tough to pull out of the race and watch from the sidelines, but you did the right thing.

Your plan sounds like a good one - recover well get and ready to ramp up the training for your fall marathon(s).

Good luck and look after yourself,


Charlie said...

Thanks Steve!

It will be hard trying to take it easy and not tempted to run until it is fully recovered.

Congrats on your execellent race and AG win. Congrats also to your lovely wife Ally on her excellent race and AG placing.

I'll be back! :)

Steph Bachman said...

I'm sorry you are hurting, Charlie. I hope that your legs are feeling better soon. Have you considered a doctor visit to rule out stress fractures or anything like that?

You could start training for a long swim race . . . : )

Charlie said...

Thanks Ms Stephanie!

Me too! I'm thinking of all the races I'll be missing the next month and a half. I'll give it the 5-6 weeks no running first...even if it was a mild stress fracture, I would still be out 5-6 weeks. I do not like going to see Doctors.

I have started swimming more and there are swimming events around here...even a swim series. I do want to do some type of multisport! We have a run-swim-run event in late July.

So many choices! :-)

Steph Bachman said...

How are you doing, Charlie? Is your foot feeling better? What did the doctor say?

cymrusteve said...

How's it going Charlie?

Hope you're recovering well...

What's next on the list for you?


Charlie said...

Hi Ms Stephanie!

My right shin and calf still bothers me especially after my workouts but it does seem to be getting better every week. Haven't tried to run on it and don't plan to until all the pain is gone or three more weeks...which ever comes first. Haven't seen the doctor yet either. I'll worry about it if it's still hurting after six weeks but I think it will be fine by then...I hope!

Hope you do well tomorrow on your 5K swim and have fun!

Hi Steve!

The nearest race that I am registered for is the RnR Half the end of August. I really want to do the ASYMCA Mud Run on 9 Aug but it depends on when I start running again. Actuallly I would really like to run the 5K race on 4th of July too but I don't see that happening. If all goes well, I hope to do the Strider's GP race the end of July too. Soo many races that I should be running...

You all have a great weekend.

cymrusteve said...

Hope to see you at one of the races. I'm signed up for the 4th of July race and then I'll probably be at the Summer Series races every Tuesday evening....

Keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure you'll be the picture of health soon!