Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week of 15 Apr 07

I'm still training for the Frederick Marathon 6 Jun and this is how my training week has gone.

Sunday...The day after the half marathon, I took inventory of aching body parts and was very surprised at very little aches and no pain at all. I did 1.5 miles just to stretch things out and make sure everything was functioning properly. I did about 40 minutes of aerobics and weights and then did half mile of fast walking to start and then half mile of running at 8 mph and then finished with a half mile of fast walking...all on the treadmill...and everything was feeling great. It's been a very long time since I have been able to run without shin or toe pain after.

Monday...Went to the fitness center and did 7 miles on the treadmill alternating the speed from 8-10 mph. A great workout and felt strong at the end.

Tuesday...Rest day but did 40 minutes of aerobics and weight.

Wednesday...The fitness center again and did 7 miles on the treadmill, starting at 8 mph and increasing speed gradually till finishing at 10 mph.

Thursday...Rest day with 40 minutes of aerobics and weights.

Friday...11.68 miles in 1:33:14...Outside...It was such a nice day out after work...about 60 degrees with a cool 5-10 mph breeze. I wanted to do more but I already planned a 20-mile long run on Sunday.

Saturday...Rest day...Did a bunch of yard work...edging, weed whacking and you could say it was like cross training. :o)

Sunday...20 mile long run outside...well I did 18 miles running and final two miles walking. It started out a gorgeous day...temps in the 60s with a nice breeze...the weather cast the night before said it would get to around 72...a nice day for a long I thought. I did the long run at the same place we did the half last week and wanted to do the complete 20 mile's an out and back for 1.5 miles in one direction and 8.5 miles in the other with very few farm houses in stores and no water fountains. I took a water bottle, 2-12oz of Gatorade and a banana, which I left in the truck. The first 3 miles out and back brought me back to my truck around 21 minutes where I drank some water and Gatorade and decided to take the rest of the Gatorade with me to stash along the trail. The next out and back is 8.5 miles out and I started off again. Around the 3.25-mile mark, I stashed the drink bottle near a fallen tree after taking a good pull on it. The rest of the 8.5-mile out was uneventful and I was still feeling good. There were a lot of bikers out and only a handful of runners...the runners all coming back. It started getting hot, and I started getting thirsty a few minutes after I made the turn at the turn around point...8.5 miles from my truck, 11.5 miles into my run and 5.25 miles from my stashed drink bottle...and the heat of the day was must have been in the high 70's by then. I remember seeing a boat ramp at the 6-mile mark and decided I would ask the people there for some water...Did I mention I was getting very thirsty. Before I got to the boat ramp I saw a bunch of people sitting under the shade of some trees near a house and decided to ask them for water. I asked if I could use their hose but the guy went inside and brought out a cold bottle of bottled water. I drank half the bottle while talking with the guys there and then thanked them and continued on my way. I slowed my pace down so as to conserve energy and nursed the bottle for the next couple of miles. I got to my stashed Gatorade again very thirsty and hot. I drank half of it on the now the temps must have been in the 80's and I wasn't feeling too well...a little dizzy and very hot. I walked and ran for a little over a mile more and then decided since this was a training run there was no sense endangering myself of heat exhaustion or stroke, so I walk the last two miles. I got to my truck very hot, thirsty, weak and nauseous and drank some of my water, ate the banana and then went over to one of the picnic benches to sip more water and Gatorade and cool off. I stayed until most of the nausea went away and then drove home and took a nice cool shower. Surprisingly I didn't really cramp up until after my shower and I was laying watching a game on the TV. During the last part of the run, I felt my calves and quads trying to cramp up but they never did, but resting, each muscle group decided to cramp...even the toes…they took turns inflicting pain and discomfort. Next time…I stash a lot more liquids…or better yet…I’ll do the runs in the safety of the fitness center. But it was a gorgeous weekend weather wise!


Sunday: 1.5 miles
Monday: 7 miles
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 11.68 miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 20 miles

Total miles: 44 running miles

This week and next will be taper weeks although I may run a 10K Race next Saturday...will see how this week goes.


Nat said...

No rest for the weary--20 miles a week after a marathon. You're even crazier than I am.

Good week and enjoy your taper.

Charlie said...

Hey Natalie...

It was only a half...13.1 miles...a set back week and I needed to get another long run in.


Nat said...

Oh yeah . . . I forgot it was half. 20 miles is prefectly acceptable.