Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chesapeake Bay 10K 28 Apr 07

At the last minute, I decided to go ahead and run the Chesapeake Bay 10K instead of doing a 14 mile run...I can still get the 14 in on Monday, do a short 6-7 mile tempo run Wednesday and an easy 6-7 mile run on Friday before the Frederick marathon on Sunday...besides, I wanted to see what I could do on a 10K since my last and first 10K was last November when the time was 44:29. My main goal was to PR with my ultimate goal to break 40 minutes. I woke up early as usual with a shower and breakfast and read the paper till about 6:30 and headed for the race.

The race takes place on the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk. You have the beaches on one side with some parks, restaurants and houses and on the other side, businesses and somewhat long as you look toward the beach! The temperature was about 64 F but the humidity was probably around 95...we had some heavy rain the night before and it was still misty at times with the sun peeking in and out. The course was an out and back for about five miles and then a smaller out and back the other way finishing in a park on the beach.

There were long lines to get race numbers, t-shirts and timing chips for the people that were pre-registered, but the line to register was...well there was no lines...just a couple of us filling out the paperwork, paying and getting our numbers and chips. I put my chip and number on and then hung out at my favorite place at races...the port-a-lets! There were beach restrooms but for some reason they were being cleaned...go figure! After, I ran easy for about five minutes for my warm up and then back to the restrooms... this time they were done cleaning them...and then headed to the start line getting near the front about 5-10 yards away...there were only about 400 runners but we were all trying to crowd into a single lane of a four lane road...the single lane was all they could block off for the race because there was other road work being done.

The starting gun sounded exactly at 8:00 and we were off on the first out and back. I remembered to properly start my watch this time and made sure by watching the seconds start up. The first couple of miles I stayed with a pack of runners that were going at what I thought was about a 6:30 pace but the first mile clock showed us going through at 6:15 and then we settled into a slower pace and went through the second mile in about 12:45. We went through the first turn around and hit the 5K timing mat in 20:21. Meanwhile the pack I was with started to lose runners...either faster or slower... and eventually I was running alone. Since there were electronic timers on the course almost every 2 miles, I didn't bother...or forgot to set each one mile lap times...I wish I had, to be able to check the performance at every mile would have been helpful in plotting my next 10K in May. We passed back over the start line and continued on to our next out and back the opposite way...we could see the finish line to our left as we went out and I tried to see what the time read but couldn't see it clearly. We did our final turn around and headed for the finish line. Looking at my watch, I knew the under 40 minute mark was out of reach but tried to up the pace. The last .2 I could see the finish line and tried to sprint as the seconds on the clock slowly ticked away. I crossed the finish line as the clock showed 42:01, disappointed not only in not breaking 40 minutes but also going over 42...and...later I find out the guy who came in first in my age group was from Albuquerque NM!...why did he come all the way over here to run this small race!. But...I was happy in knowing that I had PR'd from my previous by over 2 minutes. As I was talking with some runners and eating...running always makes me hungry...there was an announcement that the first set of times were posted, so we start wandering over to the time sheets where there were already long lines. I finally get to the sheets and look for my name...Overall Place 33...Gun Time: 42:01:80...Chip time 41:58:55...Age place 2...I hadn't even thought my chip time would be that much different from my gun time since I started not too far from the front. I did the happy dance!

Race Results:

There were 16 finishers in the Male 50 to 54 age group and 362 total finishers.
Overall finish place was 33
Age group finish place was 2
Gender finish place was 30
Time: 41:58.55 for an overall pace of 6:46 per mile
1st 5K time was 20:21.35 for a pace of 6:37 per mile
2nd 5K time was 21:37.20 for a pace of 6:58 per mile


steve said...

congratulations on a solid run today! i did the race too and plan on posting a brief race report soon:

good luck at frederick next weekend. i've run that marathon the last 2 years and it's a well put on, fairly low-key race. you actually pass the finish line at around 17 or 18 miles if i remember correctly and the last 6 to 8 miles are fairly remote and can be quite tough. the "rolling hills" aren't too bad though...

keep up the good work!

steve speirs

Nat said...

Charlie!!! Awesome race and you know I am sooo jealous. I feel like you are stealing my times. I find this very odd that all your shorter races are so much faster than mine and my marathon time is faster. I think what this is telling me is that you need to run a smart race next weekend and not go out too fast. I also question if you wouldn't better help yourself if you skipped the 14 miler and rested and just kept up the intensity--maybe practice with marathon pace all week. I just don't see how anything longer than 10 will do anything for you.
Probably more advice than you wanted. Best wishes in your BQ pursuits next weekend. I'll think fast thoughts for you. And again, congrats on the sub 42!

Charlie said...

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on your run also. Your name sounds very familiar...probably heard it a lot at all the area race awards!

Thanks for the insight on the Frederick marathon...I've been checking out the course map and will be going up there the day before and staying overnight.

Hope you heal from your injuries...I gave my shin splints/stress fx 6 weeks rest after it hobbled me after the 20K Strider Distance series...but it only gave me a month to get ready for Shamrock...but I have been virtually pain free since.

Thanks again,

Charlie said...

Hey Natalie,

LOL...Now I need to go after you marathon times...but I need to do lots better...around 3:35 will see! ;o)

I need and appreciate all the advice I can get. I do tend to go out fast and my major downfall in the two marathons I've run is leg cramping. I did go out with the pace group in the Shamrock but still started cramping after 20 miles...I will try to go out with the 3:30 pace group again and hopefully be able to do a whole lot better. I do feel better and more prepared than I did for Shamrock.

Please do think fast thoughts for me...I need all the good thoughts I can get! ;o)


steve said...

Hey Charlie,

Thanks for the reply. I used to have real problems with cramping, mainly during swim training for triathlons, but also in longer races (half marathon distance and up). What worked for me is a product by Hammer Nutrition called Endurolytes (,10082,10047&AMI=10104).
I usually take 1-3 capsules about an hour before the race, then 2 more every hour (sometimes more if it's really hot). I carry them in a small ziplock baggie which fits inside my shorts pocket.
Let me know if you'd like more info. It's probably too late to order them for Frederick, but you might be able to pick them up at the Race Expo. I know I've seen them for sale at Shamrock and Rock'n'Roll in previous years...
If you do decide to order online, you can save 15% if you use my affiliate ID (#29178).

Good luck and let me know if have any questions!


Charlie said...

Steve...I checked out the link for the Endurolytes and when I checked for the nearest led me to Running Etc! So I went by the one on Colley Ave this afternoon after work and picked up a bottle. Will try it and see how it goes in the marathon.


cymrusteve said...

Small world! Good news, hope they work for you...

You know, Running Etc. ( is my latest web site design project - the new site just went live a couple of weeks ago.

Enjoy your taper and good luck once again,


cymrusteve said...

good luck tomorrow! hope the weather and everything else is perfect. i heard last years winner Michael Wardian is trying for a new world record - fastest marathon whilst pushing a stroller! i'll be interested to see how he does and of course to read your race report once you've recovered....


Charlie said...

Thanks was not meant to be...I couldn't even was a very disappointing day. Will be posting a race report later in the week...I have to be on company travel for this week.

Ms Natalie...your PR is safe...For Now!;o)

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