Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goals for 2008

Okay...my goals for 2008. But let's look at last years 7 goals in 2007 and see how we did on those first.

1. Run 2-4 marathons...Accomplished...Ran four...Shamrock, Frederick, MCM and Richmond
2. Run 2-4 half marathons...Accomplished...Ran three
3. Qualify for Boston...Accomplished
4. Run 5K under 20 minutes...Accomplished...Three times
5. Run 10K under 40 minutes...Failed...Missed by 35 seconds
6. Half marathon under 1:30...Failed...Missed by 2:25
7. Marathon under 3:30...Accomplished...3:23

A record of 5 and 2, but those two misses were really close and with my last race as a gauge, I feel they are going down real soon. I ran my 20K race time through McMillan's Pace Calculator and it spit out the following:

5K in 19.01...Done that
10K in 39:31...Can do that
Half in 1:27:55...Can do that
Marathon in 3:05:26...Hummm...Sounds daunting...But it says I can do it!

So here are my 8 goals in 2008:

1. 5K under 18:30
2. 10K under 39:00
3. Half under 1:25
4. Marathon under 3:10
5. Run at least 4 marathons
6. Run a multisport event...duathlon and/or triathlon
7. Run all 12 Strider's Grand Prix events
8. Have fun...Stay Healthy

Events that I have already registered for are:

The Striders Distance Series...25K on 26 Jan and 30K on 16 Feb
Norfolk Half Marathon on...02 Feb
Shamrock Marathon on...16 Mar
Dismal Swamp Stomp Half...19 Apr
The Historic Marine Corps Half...18 May
Rock n Roll Half...31 Aug...My Birthday!

I still need another spring marathon. My options are...ING GA on 30 Mar, CMM TN on 26 Apr, Boston on 21 Apr would fit too...but...I want to wait till 2009 for this one. ;-)

For two fall marathons, I'm looking at NYC on 02 Nov...If they have the same policy as last year...I have a qualifying time and won't need to depend on the lottery, OBX on 09 Nov and Richmond on 15 Nov is always a consideration...wouldn't it be crazy if I did all three...they are about a week apart this year! And then maybe another in early December like Kiawah or Thunder Road in SC.

Here are some long term goals:

1. Run Boston...2009!
2. Run a marathon in a different country...London, Berlin, Paris, China Wall, Antarctica, Comrades...well maybe not Comrades.
3. Run the Disney Goofy
4. Run an Ironman
5. Qualify for and do Kona

Okay...Lots of very ambitious goals and something for me to focus on...Definately need to step up my training if I'm to make good on these goals.

2007 was a good year...Let's make 2008 even better!


cymrusteve said...

What a great post! I love these goals....

Looks like I'll be seeing you at most of the early season events and at all the Strider Grand Prix events too.

I think I'll have to write a similar post with my 2008 goals. I have a feeling I've reached a plateau where my PR's are concerned, but I'll be giving everything to maybe sneak a couple more in.

Long term my big ambition is to run the Comrades Marathon, but that will take some planning.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep dreaming the dreams - I'm sure you'll fulfill all your ambitions.


Steph Bachman said...

Wow, some great goals Charlie.

Nat said...

You sound like my kids at Christmas! That is a lot of races.
FWIW, I've heard great things about Kiawah and it sells out every year. Kiawah Island is very nice. OBX is awesome too but only if the weather cooperates. I'd like to do NYC too. And I will see you at Boston next year if not ING this year--though I may just be doing the half now. Depends how this Snickers mary plays out.
Good luck and best wishes--I hope you are able to meet all your goals.

Charlie said...

Thanks Steve, Stephanie and Natalie. I find I need goals to give me focus and give me something to train for.

Steve, Comrades is a dream but still a few years away in my list of things to do.

Ms Natalie, I ran a lot of smaller races last year...especially towards the end of the year, and hope to increse the race schedule this year. Again, races keep me focused...gives me something to look forward to and I love competition! It looks like CMM works the best for my other spring marathon...especially if you're not planning to do the full ING...and then NYC and Richmond in the fall. Those seem to best fit my schedule.

Happy running everyone!