Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Richmond is calling me!

Well, Jon, my running friend did last night...So...We're definitely running Saturday...Just 13 days after the Marine Corps Marathon. After finishing the MCM we decided that we just had to run it if our legs were feeling good in a few days...Since it was our first marathon...Just a year ago... And this year is also Richmond's 30th anniversary...Which all makes it special too.

I'm a little apprehensive running two marathons two weeks apart but as long as we take it easy we should be fine.

My work outs since the MCM has continued as if the MCM was a long, hard training run and my legs are feeling rather good. Following is the training since the MCM:

Mon: 30 min on the elliptical, 30 min on the lifecycle and 15 min on the treadmill
Tue: 45 min on the elliptical, 45 min on the lifecycle and 12 min on the stairstepper
Wed: 7.25 mile run with middle 6.2 at 7:30 mpm pace and 10 min on the stairstepper
Thur: 30 min on the elliptical, 30 min on the lifecycle
Fri: 7.75 mile run in one hour with warm up and cool down
Sat: Rest
Sun: 11 mile longish run at mainly 8 mpm pace
Mon: 45 min on the elliptical, 45 min on the lifecycle
Tue: 8 mile run at mainly 8 mpm pace
Today will be cardio on the elliptical, lifecycle and stairstepper
Thur will be my last run...probably at least 10K
Fri will rest and Saturday the marathon.

It will be interesting to see how this body will handle it...but...It's going to be fun...It will be fun!

Ms Natalie..You have a great race at Chickamuaga!


Steph Bachman said...

Good luck Charlie! Hope you have a great run : )

Nat said...

You are CRAZY. Good luck to you too.

Charlie said...

Thank you Ladies!

This one is mainly for fun...I hope!

cymrusteve said...

Good luck tomorrow Charlie! Looks like the weather is going to be perfect :)

See you on the start line....


cymrusteve said...


Just got home, checked the results and saw you ran a 3:23:25 - many, many congratulations! Looks like you had a fantastic race!!

My race was ok, but turned into a painful experience after about 7 miles. My hip started bothering me running down the hill to the river and things didn't improve from that point on.

Managed to finish under 3 hours, but the last 6 miles weren't too pretty :)

Time for you to celebrate. I'm really pleased for you....


Charlie said...

Thanks Steve! I'm all smiles.

Sorry to hear about your hip...hope it's nothing serious.

Race report to follow,