Sunday, May 20, 2007

And Two Weeks Go By...And I'm Back!

I missed posting anything last week and I could say I was on company travel...which I was...but actually...I was so discouraged with my performance at the Frederick Marathon that I just didn't feel like doing anything and just took the week to reflect. I could say I was too busy to run after work during my days up in N VA, or that I didn't take my running gear...but I had plenty of free time and actually did take my running gear. I even went down to the gym where they had an excellent array of weight equipment, treadmills, cycles and elliptical machines...even a indoor swimming pool. I went down there every day I was there but the urge to do anything wasn't there. I did take some long walks through the neighborhoods...nice rolling hills...tree lined streets...a great place to run...but...I didn't run...not one step. I did eat a lot...the different cultural restaurants near DC is immense, and since I do like to eat...we visited different restaurants, lunch and dinner...It was great! Mornings we would stop in at Paneras and have coffee and a bear claw, Danish and relax for an hour before going in to work. Then we got back...and I'm back! I already have a 10K on tap for Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend...Elizabeth River Run ...nothing like a race to get someone motivated...and I have been training hard for it all this week...and here's how it's gone:

07-11 May: Nothing...Nada...Zilch

Saturday 12 May: 7.0 miles in 50 minutes...Intervals...warm-up at 8 mph...8-9-10-8 mph for one minute each x down at 8 mph

Sunday: Rest...after a week of doing nothing, Saturday's workout made my legs and butt really sore!

Monday: 7.5 miles in 55 minutes...Warm-up...then 10K at 9.3 mph in 39:50...then a cool down...I'm going to break 40!

Tuesday: Weights and aerobics for 40 minutes

Wednesday: 7.5 miles in 55 minutes...Intervals...warm-up at 8 mph...8-9-10-10.5-9-8 mph x down at 8 mph

Thursday: Weights and aerobics for 40 minutes
Friday: 7.5 miles in 55 minutes...warmup at 8 at 9.4 down 8 mph

Saturday: Uncovered the pool, cleaned filters, scrubbed the pool cover, cleaned the pool...also must have been a great workout, because the backs of my legs were tender the next day...but...Pool's Open! Water was at 70F but it felt great! I really missed swimming after my runs.

Sunday: 12 miles at an easy 8 mph run in 1:30...felt really good.

Total running miles: 41.5 miles


Nat said...

Glad you are back! Great week. And I am totally jealous you have a pool!

All the races can't be great races. I guess if they were we'd be getting paid to do this?? Nah, even the elites have crap days.

Are you doing the MCM? Did I make that up? My FIl signed up for it but I am trying to talk him into doing the Rocket City Marathon with me in Dec.

Charlie said...

Hey Ms Natalie, Thank you!

Yup...I'm doing the MCM which will be in Oct and I still want to do another marathon that is relatively close sometime in late Nov/Dec and have been looking around. Would love to do the OBX or Richmond again but that is just two weeks after the MCM and too close together. If the Rocket City one wasn't too far away...I would come do that one with you!


Nat said...

What about Mystic Places or Philly aren't they late Nov/Dec--I've heard great things about those.

Charlie said...

Hey Ms Natalie...

I looked into the Mystic...and they run theirs the same day as MCM. The Philly marathon is three weeks after MCM and might be a possiblity but I'm also liking the Charlotte Marathon on 08 Dec:

Hope you had a wonderful ocean vacation...Well...I'm sure you are/did from your pictures and all on your blog!:)